Thursday, February 18, 2010

Plan to DJ

These days... yeah I'm delaying to go to Tangerang, cuz I have to wait for my new teeth haha..It's getting boring you know.. Browsing internet everyday is tiring.. But yeah, I got some good songs from SoundCloud. The most popular genre is dubstep and also DNB. Yeah someday I want to make a DJ set or mixtape. But you know, mixtape is not suitable word I think - although it becomes a new term. I prefer to say DJ mix/set. I will make a dubstep set and also drum & bass. Maybe I will send it to my friend to be featured in his podcast, and to be aired in internet radio. I will try that.. If I make a regular podcast, I have to update the songs every month at least. How can? Cuz I don't have money, credit card, my paypal is empty. I think it's not the right time to host a podcast. I will distribute it irregularly to people...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Broken Teeth Again

You know I was wrong couple of day ago. My plan is changed. I have to go to dentist again to make my new artificial teeth again. My teeth are broken last Monday - if I'm not mistaken. So I have to extend to stay in Jakarta for couple of day. Starts from next week.

Today, my throat is not feeling good. I think it's because of bad weather.

I think it's time for me to go back to Kramatjati, because it's almost 3 pm. I have to take a rest. Btw I drink 2 mugs of coffee today. Not anymore for today, it's not good. Maybe I will have a tea tonight... or just a plain water.....

Monday, February 08, 2010

One Morning in Jakarta

Good morning!

I don't have a breakfast yet, just a mug of coffee. Maybe I will go outside to warteg.

Today's plan is.. I want to go to my bro's house in Kramat Jati. I will keep the house there.. for a couple of days until the weekend. And then I will be back to Tangerang meeting my friends.

Anyway as usual, I am just wasting time with this laptop. Huh, it's my time to check the career info on some sites.. Do they already update it? Because it's Monday, the day when employee start to work. And also I am listening to music from SoundCloud. A lot of new tunes uploaded there. You can also listen to my music here.

OK, my coffee is ran out now...

Friday, February 05, 2010

What I Do in My Hometown

Oh apparently it's already February 2010. I missed the January blog post. But nevermind I posted something in my music blog.

These days I still busy come and go between Jakarta and Tangerang. So I have a little time to do my hobby, because I don't have a laptop. My project is saved in a computer in Tangerang. What can I do? So I schedule myself to settle in Tangerang from third week of the month. I will do something there.

And until March, maybe I will go home for some time. I will do gardening there, digging a ditch, and walking around the village from beach to mountain. I will be playing my cassettes and CDs and tweet everything I want. And also I will replace my twitter, it's not working. Yeah I want to enjoy my life peacefully.