Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Ended Up in the Discussion of Crowd

Last Wednesday, or last week, I attended Egha performance at Kampus, at the rooftop of Imperium Tower. He performed at 1 am, so it was Thursday. Crowd are dancing, but not clever enough, because it seemed the crowd like the electro commercial house tracks than techno / tech house presented by Egha. So what's wrong? Local EDM lovers should have known this.

On a friday night, Ijash had his first public performace as a DJ. Niteflight, Kemang is his first club to spin. I quite smooth in the beginning until someone keep interupting the DJ. Just let the DJ take control please, not ruinning the mood. At 1 am we moved to Willow, where Phunktion is held monthly. This was their 59th edition.

And some friends who have their first DNB gig tell us that they found a different atmosphere, friendly, and very danceable. And I said it's not as good as you think. I have experienced DNB gig with massive atmosphere than this 59th Phunktion i.e. Phunktion 48 on 27 November 2008 in Embassy Club, Jogja. I said, the Jogja crowd is crazy men! Crazier than Jakarta! So we're talking about the crowd. Jogja crowd is willing to go to any gig of different musical genre. But Jakarta crowd usually will go to certain gig, usually electro commercial house music.

OK you better study about both cities. You should get involved the scene, so you can compare by yourself.