Sunday, March 28, 2010

Story from March 2010

So what's going on this March?

Anyway on Saturday night - 6 March - me and Egha attended to the Phunktion 57 - a monthly drum & bass event held by the Javabass, the biggest drum & bass group from Indonesia. Actually we bring two of Egha's friend to the event.

The performers are Jerome, Random, DTX, and Celcius. As usual Jerome open the deck until 12 o'clock with liquid funk and jungle stuffs. And then Random continued the show with trendy DNB, I mean the recent favourable DNB tracks. And then DTX continued the show with neurofunk and other cool stuffs. There, DTX also played his own production. My favourite is DTX - Cosmic Saga.

Cosmic Saga (Clip) by DTX

And also me and Latenight Ramadance crew are gathering at Kemang. But me and Egha were stuck at Mc. D cuz our car had a trouble. So we couldn't follow the other to the other place. Ijash, Rangga, Mara, and Ibam is moving to another place I forgot the name to discuss Ijash's tracks to be released in Ibam's label - Control Records. And we continued again gather around ar Mc. D till 3:30 am.