Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ten Days Travelling

I want to share my story travelling to Central Java & Jogja. Starting 6 of July 2009 when I went to Cipayung to accompany my mother back home. So I voted for President and the Vice at my elementary school on Wednesday 8 July 2009. And finally I went to Solo Saturday afternoon and got there at 9 pm. Yeah I was getting tired and went to sleep.

And on Sunday morning I took a walk to find some food to eat, yeah bubur ayam in front of Law Faculty. After all I helped my nieche to pack her things because she's moving to Smuhi Jogja. I couldn't go freely 'cause I still waited until the things are finished. So finally I can go outside with Elpermit. And we chatted till late night. I went to sleep at 2 am.

13 July 2009

I went to campus at 11:30 am to legalise my copies of certificate. After all I went to Permit's house for the moment and then off to Jogja by Prambanan Ekspres. I arrived in Jogja at 7.15 pm and Gatot picked me at 8 :( but I understand 'cause he's a busy man.

OK my plan in Jogja is complete after I'm giving my DNB demo tracks. I got back to Solo at 11:15 am by the same train like two days before. It was a busy day 'cause after came in Solo I got to go again at 2 pm to go to Pemalang. So I had one hour break for bathing and drinking coffee. And finally I arrived at home at 9 pm.

The next day on Thursday I went to Jakarta at 7 am, but the bus took off at 8 am. Hm, it was a lazy morning 'cause I was still sleepy. But anyway I could sleep unwell on the bus. I arrived in Jakarta at 5 pm but I ate first at warteg. Oh dammit, my gum is sick so I can't eat well, until now. :(

At 9 pm I washed my dirty clothes, but in this tiring day I slept at 2 am :))

On Friday I had to go to Tangerang to pick my suits and shoes to wear on Saturday.

Today I had my test for PT. Antam Tbk at UI. Damn I just did 4 numbers from 8 chosen numbers of 10 problems. Hopefully I pass the test.